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VSC club member, Donnie Pangemanan, already left Star Mild Racing at the end of 1999 race season. He will not drive for Star Mild Racing for 2000. He said that he is in the process of signing a new contract with a new sponsor and ready to go back to the track soon.


Donnie Pangemanan is finally back on the track with "Speed King", his new race car. He's back on track with a support from a Volkswagen community site called How will he perform with his "Speed King"? Let's just wait until his first race scheduled on April 9th, 2000.


Donnie Pangemanan with his "Speed King" bug dominated the class category at last by almost one full second over second place car on final drag race championship on April 9th at Sentul National Raceway. 


Again, for two times in a row, our club member, Donnie Pangemanan with his "Speed King" race bug has dominated the class and won 1st place on May 14th drag race championship at Sentul National Raceway.