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VSC activities are including:


Car Show

Touring & Family Recreation

Racing Events

Latest club activities:

VSC had invited Volkswagen enthusiast in Semarang area to discuss all plan and possibilities on having a 2000 Volkswagen car to attend the up coming "Volkswagen 2000" event. The meeting were attended by some 50 cars from club member and also non club. 

8 cars were living for Madiun, East Java for a club invitation. Madiun Volkswagen Club is a newest addition to Volkswagen club in Indonesia. VSC members that are participating on this trip including Bima Putra, Dorojatun Prihandono, Ipi, Diger and Adi.

VSC members planned to attend one of the biggest Volkswagen show in Indonesia called "Minggu Volkswagen" hosted by V-Dub in Jakarta next May 21st, 2000.